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      Welcome to my side of the interweb! My name is Rico Andrade, and I am a video editor and photographer. After graduating from American University and working in the D.C. TV industry for three years I left in search of a more fulfilling career and life in Spain. I am currently living in Madrid and embarking on my own adventure, exploring the world and chasing my passions and using my camera every opportunity I get.


As a third culture kid, I was faced with the challenge of embracing the new, a new culture, a new people, a new language. I quickly developed the desire to treasure the moments as they passed. I love photography because I am able to capture memories, nostalgia, a person and a place as they are in one singular moment. This is what I bring to my work.

           Rico has most recently been working as a fulltime video editor for Pixeldust Studios, and has worked on productions for various renowned channels and networks including TLC, Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

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