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Why It Matters

So after taking some time to adjust to my new home in Madrid along with a healthy dose of procrastination I've finally gotten around to writing this post. This is my first blog ever, well since Xanga that is--let's just say this is my first real blog ever.

The purpose of this blog is to distribute my knowledge of photography to you all; the study-abroaders, the travelers, the wanderers, the tourists, the 'gramers, the videographers, the iPhoneographers, the expats, your grandpa..whatever. I'm a photographer, and like many other photographers I tend to take most of my photos on my phone even though I own a Canon 5Dmkiii. Call it foolishness or plain laziness but the fact is our phones are the most convenient photography tools ever. The downside of course is that our phones aren't as potent as a DSLR or a Rangefinder but it would be a serious mistake to underestimate our little phone buddies. This blog will focus on phone-photography and its place in social media platforms like Instagram, but all of these tips and tricks will also be applicable to your digital cameras. I will update this blog once a week, so please suscribe if you're interested or not...whatever.

Here is a pic to help you get over the end of Summer:

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