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5 Tips for Getting Your Photos Noticed

An overwhelming majority of the photos we see on a day to day basis comes from social media networks like Instagram, VSCO Cam and Facebook. More than half of Instagram users use their application on their phones. This means that people are using screens no larger than 5 inches on average to view said photos. This may not be surprising information to any of you but it should be something you take into account when you snap a photo that you want to get noticed.

The secret is to craft your images specifically for small screens, creating bold and simplistic compositions. As photographers we need to make it clear to viewers what they should be looking at by using the basics of composition, lighting and color.

Use Strong Shapes and Patterns

Circles, triangles, ovals, and squares are all examples of strong shapes that instantly draw our eyes viewers. They are bold, simple and best of all can be found in patterns all around us. Once you start using strong shapes you'll start to see them everywhere and be able to incorporate them into your day to day photography.

Use Symmetry

Symmetry is pleasant and naturally satisfying to the viewer and can be used to create powerful and striking images. Just like strong shapes, we can find symmetry all around us whether you are in a city or out and about in nature. Try to keep the line of symmetry in the center for maximum impact. Buildings and roads are a good places to find symmetry as well as stairways and atriums.

Spiral Staircase, Galicia

Frame Your Subject

Framing is a technique used to emphasize your subject by blocking other parts of the image, usually by using something within the scene. This is great way to lead the viewer to your subject and make them feel immersed in the scene by adding a sense of depth to your photo. Look for windows, tree branches, tunnels, arches, and doors to frame your photo. You can even use over the shoulder shots to get this type of effect.

Through the Window, Marrakesh

Shoot in High Contrast Scenes

Backlighting is a great way to create contrast. If your light source is behind your subject they will appear as a dark silhouette against the bright background. It looks artsy and the viewer can more easily relate to the people in the image because the people are not as defined.

Sunset, Templo de Debod

Use Leading Lines

Leading lines are a great way to lead the viewer to your subject. The viewer will naturally follow the the lines and may find it more intriguing because it sucks the viewer into the scene. Leading lines can be found anywhere, from bridges, to roads, hallways and anything in between.

Bike Lane, Burgos

Use an Interesting Color as Your Background

Sometimes having an interesting color that is dominant in your background is enough to stick out from the average color spectrum you see on most social media pages. Having one simple color as your background also helps separate your subject from the background making it extra clear to your viewer as to what they should be looking at.

Pink Walls, Marrakesh

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