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Use All Four Seasons

We all know life without seasons would be boring. Even the eternal beachie loves a pumpkin-spiced latte when the leaves begin to turn. The change of seasons can be revitalizing and refreshing. By taking photos that give us the seasonal vibe we are engaging our viewers more. Your feed will begin to breathe and it will freshen up your color scheme. Your bright and blue photos during the Summer will suddenly begin to feel a lot more dramatic and cozy when Fall's red and yellow leaves appear. You'll feel like you discovered colors when Winter's high-contrast grey hues are suddenly broken by the colorful greens and pastels that Spring brings.



Hopefully this post will inspire you to get out there and take more photos. Photography is great because we can enjoy it from the comfort of our beds and sofas, but what is the point of being transported to another place when you can't feel it and be part of it? As photographers we should be in the elements and live within scenes we envision. So get out there and make the magic happen!


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