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Madrid - The Layover

About a month ago, one of my favorite instagrammers, djasonnam, had a long layover in Madrid on his way to Asia. Knowing he would have an extended period in an unknown city he naturally reached out to his follower base for recommendations. Upon finding out he would be in Madrid I hit him up and made plans to hang out and show him around the city. In the end I didn't have to have to write a long list of recommendations for him but it got me thinking!

A lot of people pass through Madrid on their way to more popular Spanish destinations such as Barcelona or Granada and sometimes they have time to kill. So I put myself in djasonnam's shoes and thought about what I could do in less than 8 hours and still get a real Madrileño experience. I put together 5 of my favorite recommendations, easily done in less than 8 hours (4 is all that is necessary really.) leaving you with enough time to enjoy some copas and tapas. Enjoy!

I will be continuing this series of Madrid recommendations. Stay tuned for 5 Best Rooftops in Madrid and if you have any other recommendations you would like to see a video for please feel free to contact me here or on my instagram.

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